Interest on a mortgage has reached its limits

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This is the perfect period for people who want to take out a home loan. Belgian long-term interest rates — a significant measure of mortgage rates of interest – broke the level record earlier this 30 days. Is it worth it to wait and find out if rates can drop further.

Within recent weeks, long-term rates of interest were on the news. At the beginning of come early july vacation, the media held reporting the situation of interest prices. The reason? On 3 This summer, and for the first time in Belgium, long-term interest rates fell beneath the 0% limit. On their lowest point (July 4th), interest rates were -0. 06%. In the meantime, interest rates once more exceeded the symbolic restrict of zero.

Good news for real estate purchasers

If you want to buy a home, you can take full advantage of the existing situation of interest rates. Loan companies use the long-term interest rate, and a lot more, to determine the home loan rate. The low the long-term interest rate, the particular less expensive the credit. Despite the fact that many lenders have fulfilled their limits in the meantime; they could not lower the interest price indefinitely. If lenders decrease interest rates excessively, their conventional compensation model – transforming savings into loans — will face new challenges.

Financial stars are free to decide just how much the mortgage interest rate can fall, but at the same time they have to respect the absolute lower restrict of 0. 11% to get regulated savings books. The low the difference between the savings price and the mortgage rate, the low the profit margins of the monetary players. It is therefore highly not likely that lenders will decrease rates.

Lend less, lower interest rate

However , there are several ways to make sure that interest rates continue to fall. Loan companies need to build up additional funds reserves when they lend in danger. This is the case, for example , if a person borrows more than 80 percent of the market value of the house.

Such measures will certainly ensure that banks will want to force their customers to a reduced quota. One way to do this would be to reduce rates significantly whenever someone borrows less than 80 percent of the market value of their house. One of the most striking rate adjustments we see at Great Lender. Those who opt for the contingent below 80% pay one percentage point less towards the big bank than those that borrow more.

In other words, you can make good company if you are ready to put more income on the table at the beginning of your real-estate project.

Consider a variable interest rate

More and more people are opting for the variable interest rate, according to the statistics of the market leader BNP Paribas Fortis. In the very first five months of this 12 months, 54% of Belgians chosen a variable rate. This past year it was 31%. In 2017, only 15% of customers chosen a variable interest rate.

A variable rate of interest at the beginning of the contract is leaner than the fixed interest rate. Banking institutions are in favor of this formulation. Thanks to the variable interest rate, the customer assumes a large part of the dangers when the interest rate increases. Regarding a fixed rate, the risks are usually fully borne by the financial institution. In this case, they can not alter the rate up if the marketplace rate goes up.

If the market interest rate drops, you will have an advantage if you have chosen a variable interest rate. In cases like this, you will see the price of your home loan drop. Those who have opted for a set interest rate can have their home loan reviewed in such situations. In this instance, you will have to pay a reinvestment fee. This amount may reach a maximum of 500 pounds.

A customized mortgage

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